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Daily Portrait @dirkmai

Warped Tour 2014 has been one of the greatest summers as a band and me as a person have been apart of. There has been so many great memories from this tour so it’s hard to pick one. A more recent memory of pure- happiness was…. @dirkmai a few nights ago sang and danced to a song called “Jesus Freak” by a band called DC Talk. He got on his knees and sang every word. It fucking blew my mind and I loved every moment of it! Thank you Dirk baby for making my summer just a little bit better than it already was.

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Requested by anon. 

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@thefifthjohn , I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray. Ooh, The more I get of you, The stranger it feels, yeah. And now that your rose is in bloom. A light hits the gloom on the gray. | photo: @dirkmai

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wtf you mean real women have curves? all women are real women


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  • horoscope: you breathe on a daily basis
  • me: omg that is so me how did they do that
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Blast from the Past: Rat Boy Attacks (x)


NIP | 📷: @dirkmai